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"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever." - Walt Disney.

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Simone de Beauvoir, After the War

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Joo Hee,
Queen In hyun's Man OST


Words cannot describe how emotional I get just listening to this song. I love this drama. I love Yoo In Na and her Hee Jin. I love Ji Hyun Woo and his Kim Boong Doo. But most of all, I love them as a couple, in the drama and in real life. The wonderful thing about this song, everytime it comes on, I feel myself transporting back into their world, just a bystander watching their beautiful love story. <3
Deulnyeok haneu-re jeo talbichi dweheo bitul-ke
Nae-ge oneun gil tashi chajeul su itke

I will become the moonlight in the night sky and shine on you
So you can find your way back to me.

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인현왕후의 남자 OST (tvN 수목드라마)

My Man, Kim Boong Do


One of my favorites.


Same sky, different time.

They passed each other at the exact same spot, but 300 years apart…

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Ji Hyun Woo


Ji Hyun Woo - Baby Elephant [English Translation]:

~How can I hate you?
How can I not find you pretty?
How can I break up with you?
How can I not love you?

Those times when I get angry at you,
Those times when I complain,
Those times when I become petty,
It’s all because I love you so much~

Because in my eyes you are so wonderful,
Because in my eyes you are so lovable,
That’s why I nagged you

Because in my eyes you are like a child,
Because in my eyes you are so pure,
Because I’m worried about you, 
That’s why I nagged you


I’m not usually this type of person
I’m only like this to you
Because of you, I have changed so much
Stay by my side like this,
I will live more for you
Only if you are by my side, will my heat beat

Because I will suit you so well,
Because I will become so respectful for you,
That is why I will receive only love from you

Because I will be so charming to you,
Because I will look so sexy to you,
Someone you will always want to be with,
I will become that kind of man for you



I’m in love with this drama :3

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Queen In Hyun’s Man + scenery

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